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manlosingweight sm 300x199 The Best Diet To Lose Weight QuicklySo, you are looking for the best diet to lose weight quickly.  Now, if you want to lose weight quickly while dieting and feeling terrible, only to go off of the diet and gain all of the weight back, I can recommend several diets that do that very well.  But, if you are looking to lose weight and keep it off, the best diet is no diet at all!  The fastest way for you to lose weight quickly and keep it off is to change the way you eat while exercising to speed up your metabolism.  Since the title of the post deals with the best diet to lose weight quickly, let’s take a look at how you should eat if you want to lose weight and be healthier.

You Need to Eat Less

I know this is obvious, and not what you wanted to hear, but the best way to control your calories and in turn lose weight, is to eat less food.  In our culture we have more than we could ever need, and food is no exception.  In the past, people ate what they could, not what they wanted to.  They stopped when the food ran out, which was usually before they were full.  For us, there is no food running out.  We have cupboards full of food just waiting to be eaten.  The problem is that eating too much not only leads to weight gain, but has been linked to cancer, heart disease and faster aging… yikes!

Eat Food That Is (And Was) Food

This might sound confusing, but have you looked at ingredient lists recently?  My wife and I got a huge wake up call a few years ago when we started trying to feed our baby healthy food.  We couldn’t understand why food made for a baby who could care less about what color something is, is full of artificial color.  When I changed my son’s diaper the first time he had one of those “yogurt in a tube” treats, his poop was bluish green, just like the yogurt!  We’ll just say that it was the last time he ate that particular brand of yogurt and we started reading the ingredient labels more carefully, both for him and for us.  We try not to buy anything that is not made up of food.  Meaning, that if the ingredients list something that I don’t know what it is, I don’t buy it.

Slow Down and Enjoy Your Food

Unlike most other cultures who eat slowly, and savor their meals, we tend to rush through a meal as quickly as possible.  There are a couple of problems with this.  First, it means that we probably are not spending enough time chewing.  Food that is chewed well is digested better, leading to your body getting more of the nutrients from the food that you are eating, and less of it being stored as fat.  Second, it takes about twenty minutes for your body to signal your brain to tell you that it is full.  If you eat slowly, your body will let you know when you are full, and you can stop eating then.  Otherwise, you will end up eating well more than you need leading to more calories, and more stored fat.

As you can see, everything about our western culture is stacked against you losing weight.  You will need to make some tough decisions and stick with them if you want to lose weight and keep it off.  If you want a program that will help you to form your eating rules and guide you through your exercise, one that I cannot recommend highly enough is The Truth About Abs.  You will learn what to eat and when to eat it as well as how to exercise (you’ll be surprised to find that cardio is not recommended).  So, the best diet to lose weight quickly is not a diet at all, but a comprehensive weight loss program focusing on diet, lifestyle, and exercise.

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